Belt Buckle


The impulse for this work I got from a true Ocean- and Mountainlover.



...and made some first sketches.





Work in progress!


Just sawed and filed the cover piece.

                                            Final Sketches

                                         The final result

Wedding Rings

In collaboration with my good friends and favourite couple I developed these wedding rings.

Inspiration was obviously the ocean. But also different artists, which the two discovered on their journeys & travels, showed us the path we wanted to follow.

Their engagement took place in Hawaii. This might be another explanation, why they wanted to seize exactly this idea with the waves. 

We discussed different surfaces, patterns, materials, sizes, colours, contrasts and symbols.


Finally i made kind of a prototype in wax and got another feedback before i worked on the 'real' ones. She didnt even want to see hers and wanted to keep it as a surprise, until it was finished. Thanks for all the trust in my work, giving me so much creative space and the impulse to create something different!


Examination Piece 2013


 Made of 750/- yellow gold


You can wear it as a bracelet or take the middle as a pendant.


Additionally you can open it and change the picture & leather.



Ussifa Exhibition 2011 - A piece on the subject 'Music'

It is an 'earworm', wich is an equivalent word (in German) for a catchy song in your head.